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  • General Contractor
  • Construction Management
  • Design-Build
  • Program Management

Preconstruction Phase Services

Review Schematic Design

  • Provide comparative systems cost analysis.
  • Provide budget estimates.
  • Make value engineering recommendations.
  • Provide life cycle cost analysis.
  • Provide constructability analysis.

Review Working Drawings

  • Provide pre-construction schedule.
  • Identify long lead time items and develop a purchase schedule.
  • Provide budget estimates.
  • Identify and pre-qualify subcontractors.
  • Develop bid package program.
  • Prepare bid documents including general conditions and special conditions.
  • Establish bidding, review and award procedures.
  • Establish requirements for site support facilities.
  • Establish project utility service requirements.
  • Review design development as to construction techniques and materials.
  • Develop quality control procedure for project.
  • Develop safety program for project.
  • Develop Minority Participation Program for project
  • Review all bid packages for interfacing.
  • Stimulate subcontractor bidding interest.
  • Prepare bid documents and make documents available to bidders.
  • Hold pre-bid conferences.
  • Tabulate, review and evaluate all bids and prepare recommendations to Owner for contract awards.
  • Prepare contract with successful bidder.
  • Organize and familiarize on-site staff with design development prior to start of construction.
  • Obtain necessary general permits for the Owner to allow construction to proceed.

Construction Phase Services...

  • Assign qualified staff to the project.
  • Conduct pre-construction meetings.
  • Review project contract requirements Re: Schedules, Submittals, Insurance, Permits, Safety, MBE Policy, Report Requirements and Accounting Procedures.
  • Conduct coordination meetings between contractors.
  • Arrange for special inspection or testing consultants.
  • Make daily inspection on the quality of the workmanship and completed work.
  • Assemble and complete an Inspection Log.
  • Enforce quality control policies and procedures on the project.
  • Maintain file of current drawings, specifications, and shop drawings on site.
  • Set up and maintain procedure for processing and distribution of all submittals.
  • Monitor field progress of contractors as it relates to the schedule and compile data to substantiate contractor’s payments.
  • Expedite responses to any questions raised by subcontractors for additional information from the A/E.
  • Receive, review, and draft action document for any changes in the work originating from Owner, A/E, or CCH Construction.
  • Receiving and processing of contractor’s quotations for changes. Resolve discrepancies between contractors and estimate before recommending acceptance or subsequent action.
  • Prepare requirement list, receive, log and file all project close-out data and submit to Owner on final completion.
  • Provide “As-Built” record set of drawings and documents.
  • Participate with Owner’s staff to effect smooth transfer of facilities operation including systems demonstrations.