Our Services

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With an unyielding reputation for quality, integrity, and value, at CCH Construction we work in a manner consistent with our company purpose and guiding principles.

Regardless of delivery method or market, CCH’s approach to construction services remains consistent: meet expectations of quality and safety, establish clear lines of communication, stay on schedule, and control costs.

Construction Management

The Construction Manager at Risk delivery method fosters collaboration and focuses the entire project team (owner, architect and contractor) on finding the best solutions for the project. As a Construction Manager, CCH has the responsibility for coordinating all subcontractor bids and hiring, while guaranteeing owners a maximum price for construction of the project. While the owner holds the design and construction contracts separately, CCH serves as the consultant to the owner for both the design and construction phases. By working in concert with the architect/engineer early on,CCH can offer valuable expertise when it comes to costs, scheduling and delivery methods, saving our owners time and money. Then, throughout the duration of the project, CCH serves as the single point of responsibility for the project’s successful delivery.


The Design-Build method works as a team effort to deliver a cost-effective turnkey project. Owners select the architect and contractor as a team that works in tandem under a single contract with one point-of-contact person for the project. The team effort begins with the concept and permeates the entire project from the design phase through construction to completion. In addition to saving time and money, it promotes collaboration between the owners, designers and builders.

General Contractor

In the traditional 'hard bid', engineering and architectural design services are clearly separated from construction services. The project is 100% designed prior to bidding. The key benefit is that contractors competitively bid to ensure the lowest price. CCH Construction’s experienced estimating team takes pride in being thorough, utilizing the latest construction estimating software, to propose a complete high quality product at the right price.

Program Management

When CCH serves as a Program Manager, we act as the agent for the owner, establishing budgets, schedules, coordination, procedures and policies for the project. This partnership between the owner and Program Manager helps control costs, while keeping the project on schedule from beginning to completion.